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At Advantage It, our specialists provide complete technology solutions including planning, installation, migration, maintenance and support to ensure the best success for your business.


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Advantage IT is a Complete Technology Solution who works with businesses providing IT services such as help desk support and network setup. Advantage IT has over 20 years of IT experience serving small business to fortune 100 companies and can assist with all of your IT needs. Advantage IT genuinely serves and exceeds customer expectations in friendliness, product knowledge and the IT experience. We believe maintaining IT equipment and preventive maintenance is important to ensure your business continues to run smoothly. The purpose of preventative maintenance is to try to maintain the equipment in optimum working condition and to help prevent any unplanned downtime due to breakdowns. Because components start to wear over time, replacing items prior to failure can cost you far less than the potential consequences of failure while in service. At Advantage IT we want to do just that. Give you an advantage to ensure your business continues to run smoothly.

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Best Services To Look For When Choosing Information Technology Service Provider

It is in the best interest of any business to embrace the use of information technology. To that end, many businesses have adapted the use of computers in all aspects of their operations regardless of their size and industry. You will realize that the use of computers is not complete without the support of relevant service providers. You will need this professional input from the setup of your systems and networks to the maintenance of hardware in order to have smooth operations.

The choice of service provider you pick to deal with all your information technology needs will contribute to how smoothly your computer systems will work. If your company depends highly on computers for a major part of your operations, you want to avoid a situation where you experience downtimes due to failing systems. Having the right information technology company by your side ensures minimal interruption of operations at any given time.

A key indicator of the suitability of a service provider is the type of services it offers. The services available should provide solutions to the needs your company has. When vetting the potential companies that you can sign up for your systems, you need to check whether the service provider is proficient in offering some of the following services:

Data Cabling

The data cables are at the center of all computer systems. Cables help connect systems and networks and play a vital role in how your systems work. The ideal service provider should have expertise in data cable installations. No matter the size of your business layout, the service provider should be in a position to install the cables in a manner that is not complicated. The provider should be versatile to cover all types of data cable installations to give you a one-stop provider for your convenience. 

The provider should demonstrate the ability to plan prior to starting the cabling endeavor. This way all the cables will be neatly in place and will cover all areas of the business no matter how complicated the layout is.  A provider that carries out data cabling would be a choice as you are sure that your business will be well interconnected. 

Network installation

A computer system is not complete without a network to provide the necessary support to make it work. Wireless and LAN networks are what is available for businesses to use. The ideal provider should be adept at network installation and help you set up a network that supports your business capacity. This will go a long way in boosting your operations and avoiding downtime. 

A steady network is also another guarantee that you should get from the service provider. You want a steady network that will not fluctuate in strength as this will affect the quality of the network you get. When you have continuous network strength you are sure that the service you offer your customers is always consistent. 

Help desk support & Troubleshooting

You want a provider that is available at all times to help you with any issues that may arise from any aspect of your computer systems and networks. Troubleshooting assistance will help in the periodic checks to ensure that the cabling is working well. The best service provider should help in the maintenance of the systems and hardware ensuring the smooth running of operations and avoiding system breakdowns. 

A provider that offers help desk support is ideal as you are sure that experts are available at all times to help you should any problem occur. Having this expert help at hand, you are confident in speedy resolutions thus avoiding extensive downtime. 

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At Advantage IT we specialize in all Low Voltage Cabling installations & Information Technology with excellent Help Desk Support.

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Our Specialization

Our specialists provide complete technology solutions including planning, installation, migration, maintenance and support to ensure the best success for your business. Our Services include:

Planning and Installing Low volt cabling

For audio/video, security cameras, and all business networking.

System Configuration

Installation and configuration of VoIP or traditional phone systems.

Relocating and re-installing networks

Servers, data, voice and video equipment or any other IT infrastructure.


Testing, troubleshooting, maintenance and upgrades of all cabling.

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The Advantage IT team are professional and quick to respond to any issues. Their always there when we need support. They are fast and efficient.
Kim Young
These guys great! I hired Advantage IT to install the data runs in our new large office. They provide a good quality service at a fair price. They went above and beyond and always met the deadlines provided. They also provided insight and assistance on deciding the best layouts and solutions for cabling. I highly recommend them.
Matthew Fox​
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